About Our Solution

Meet the Smart Matchmaker for Jewish Singles.

Here’s what makes this game-changing dating platform so unique, so special, and so unlike anything else out there.

Personalized Guidance, Through the Power of AI

Our AI-driven dating coach LORA seamlessly guides your entire mujual journey — offering thoughtful suggestions, gentle nudges and helpful support.

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning

We know you’re unique. And that’s why we used the most advanced machine-learning algorithms that continually adapt and evolve to your complex personality.

Personalized Content for Real Growth

mujual offers you insightful content that’s tailored to your needs. This helps you discover more about yourself, grow as a person, and ultimately, become a better partner.

The Deepest Insights from the Most Detailed Data

mujual’s unparalleled matching technology was designed based on decades of psychometric data and insights garnered from the latest relationship science.

The Highest Levels of Data Privacy

We’re deeply committed to ethical data usage, and respect your privacy at every step on your mujual journey.

The mujual Difference

We don’t offer endless suggestions.

We offer six
(and are always refining).

We don’t do ghosting
or games.

We nurture continued engagement.

We don’t aim for
long-term users.

We expect results
in no time.

We don’t support
casual dating.

We’re here for long-term relationships.

We don’t just
set up dates.

We help you grow as a person.

Because Dating Shouldn’t Feel Like Wandering Through the Desert.

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